Gerresheimer Glass Inc. cuts jobs at Millville Plant

The company has already filed the lay-off notice with the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Gerresheimer Glass Inc. is laying off 115 workers from its plant in Millville, NJ, in January.
The lay-offs are in the job categories of forklift driver, batch mixer, batch material handler, furnace operator, journeyman operator, apprentice operator, quality supervisor, customer service representative and human resources assistant, according to the notice filed with the state.
Gerresheimer Glass employed more than 500 people at its locations in Millville and Vineland as of 2011, according to the Cumberland County Department of Planning and Development. Gerresheimer Glass said it employs 261 people at its plant in Millville.
The loss of the Gerresheimer Glass jobs has the potential to increase the city’s unemployment rate as much as 1 percent. The city had a 11.9 percent unemployment rate last year.

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