GANA: laminated glass and protective glazing reference manuals

The most recent editions of two glazing manuals released by GANA are now online. They can be downloaded in both electronic format and print version.

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has announced that its GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual and the GANA/Protective Glazing Council International (PGC) Protective Glazing Manual will now be on sale on its online store at a discounted price. Both manuals are available in an electronic format for immediate download, while print versions also are available.
The GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual provides information, technical and performance data and the installation guidelines for laminated glass products. It includes the most recent information regarding laminating interlayers, as well as in-depth discussions of the applications of laminated architectural glass, including safety, solar control, ultraviolet radiation, sound control, security, sloped glazing and skylights, wind storms and hurricane resistance and earthquake resistance.
Updates on laminated glass strength, cutting, handling and installation also are highlighted, along with an up-to-date listing of standards applying to laminated glass.
The GANA/PGC International Protective Glazing Manual, written by members of both PGC and GANA, describes the types of protective glazing available, along with the standards and levels of protection they provide. It also discusses the care and cleaning of protective glazing products, offering a comprehensive glossary of terms and applications.