Fratelli Pezza ready to launch Mix 30 PRO on the market

Mix 30 PRO: reduced drying times and enhanced performance for the protection of sandblasted glass

Fratelli Pezza is ready to launch on the market Mix 30 PRO, a new version of the well-known Mix 30, the protective coating for sandblasted glass Fratelli Pezza has been selling for many years.

The new formula keeps intact the characteristics of the old version, such as simplicity of use and protective efficacy, it increase performance in terms of yield and reduces drying times.

The product can be applied with a simple microfibre cloth either on entirely or partially sandblasted glass (whatever sandblasted decoration on transparent or satin glass). It is ideal for: partition walls, shower boxes, doors, balustrades, windows, stairs, tables, furnishing elements, kitchen splashbacks, bathroom furniture, glass tiles, etc. Mix 30 PRO does not yellow, sanitizes the glass surface, it is UV rays resistant and compatible with many other materials such as aluminium, steel, rubber, ceramic, marble, wood, corian, etc.

The product range of Fratelli Pezza glass coatings is completed by GHOSTGLAZE, a brand new specific product for the protection of transparent glass, therefore non-sandblasted or treated.

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