ForglassBox – 21st century technological support for glass producers

Meeting the needs and expectations of factory managers and glass production technologists, many of whom grew up with a smartphone in their pocket, Forglass has created a tool with unprecedented benefits

ForglassBox is the brainchild of Forglass‘s head of R&D, leading glass technologist Marian Klisch, PhD.

The application is the first one of its kind, performing technological calculations on a smartphone. It enables instant calculation of a batch composition, based on selected raw materials of defined chemical composition, from which flint (colourless), amber, green and olive glasses can be melted with a desired chemical composition and properties.

ForglassBox allows the user to select specific raw materials and assumptions (limits) for batch and glass according to its colour requirements, and it calculates the technological and physicochemical properties of these glasses, including: temperatures at which the glass reaches desired viscosity, liquidus temperature, cooling time, WRI, RMS, RGT, linear thermal expansion coefficient, density, specific electrical conductivity, heat capacity and effective thermal conductivity.

The ForglassBox application has built-in “intelligence”, thanks to which it also corrects the chemical composition of the glass selected for calculations, if the selected raw materials make it impossible to obtain the assumed concentrations.

ForglassBox application will be soon available at Apple Store and Google Play.

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