Forglass is expanding to Asia

Having earned the trust and respect of glass producers in Europe, Forglass, the glass melting technology supplier from Poland is quickly becoming a global company. Following the company’s expansion into Central America, Forglass is now making its presence known in Asia.

Forglass’ CEO, Piotr Knast joined the team representing the company at the Glassman Asa 2023 trade show that just wrapped up in Seoul, South Korea, which brought together glass professionals from 22 countries.

Next on the agenda is the 45th ASEAN Glass Conference, taking place September 25 to 29 in Nha Trang, Vietnam. This year’s theme of the conference – Our Net Zero Future – is a perfect match for Forglass, whose engineers are diligently developing technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption and emissions in the glass melting process. Those include the FG Mixing Electrodes and the FG Hybrid Furnace, to name just two.

Connecting with Asian glass producers, companies like Forglass have the opportunity to introduce the technological advancements from its R&D. Perhaps, even more importantly, at these conferences people can get to know one another and despite the huge distance, different cultures, different food and language, develop great relationships and cross-continental cooperation.

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