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Forel’s sorting system – automation for the future

The Sorting System Art. SS offers features that have been requested by glass companies, making production more independent while simplifying the operator's job

An advanced logistics system. A system that knows what it’s doing. An automatic solution able to adapt to programming changes. A tool that will make bottlenecks a thing of the past.

The Sorting System Art. SS, Forel’s intelligent logistics solution, is all this and more: an automated system to manage glass panels within the production process. The Sorting System is able to connect different departments, creating a holding area for semi-finished products that are managed automatically, depending on production programming.

This solution has been increasingly requested by major glass companies, as it makes production more independent from manual work, while simplifying the operator’s job.

In fact, the work list is loaded into the system’s management software: regardless of the order in which the material arrives to the Sorting System, the self-learning mechanism will identify each individual piece, attributing a unique ID code to it and linking it to its respective order. This means that, as soon as the system is ordered to proceed with a given work list, it will call up all the items linked to the list in question and send them to the subsequent processing line.

If there is a programming change mid-cycle, it is possible to pause an order and continue with another by simply inserting the different one required.


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