Forel’s new media platform is online

Forel has been the first manufacturer of flat glass processing machines to understand the great opportunity offered by technical webinars. Since June 2020, Forel’s customers are receiving monthly invitations to the company’s webinars, held directly at Forel’s headquarters in Italy.
The webinars focus is to keep customers updated with the latest technological improvements which are continuously developed from the Forel’s R&D department.
Three technical webinars have already been presented

  • The vertical Arrissing Machine Art. EG
  • The vertical Edging Machine Art. EM
  • The Profile Bending Machine Art. PB

To give customers the opportunity to see presented contents and processing demos, a new Forel’s Media Platform has been created.

Forel will be very pleased to provide glass processors access to, to receive the necessary access credentials please send an email to