Forel: the new company video is online

he new Forel Company Video “FOREL 2020” is online. With this new media content, the italian brand of machinery for flat glass processing communicates its approach to this year challenges.

2020, indeed, will remain in history as one of the most divisive years for the whole world. Many things have changed, some forever. Every year brings new challenges, which can be beaten by bringing in new ideas. Some years are more demanding than others, but there is only one way to keep moving forwards: relaunching the company.

And this is the philosophy of Forel.

“In the coming months, four important projects will be launched, to which we have dedicated considerable efforts and resources, in order to establish ourselves even more in the global industry of glass manufacturing automation” said Fortunato and Riccardo Vianello, Forel’s owners. “The projects we are announcing today can be summarized in four words: technology, productivity, internationalization and assistance.”

  • As the video explains, Forel is working on an enlargement of more than 60 percent of its productive site in Treviso (Italy). Thanks to this operation, it will be possible to process a greater number of orders at the same time, thus avoiding moving part of the production to other sites: this will result in greater efficiency and faster production times, while ensuring the same quality of the finished product, strictly “Made in Italy”.
  • The new branch Forel Africa will be soon established in Johannesburg (South Africa), to further develop the brand in the African continent, both in terms of commercial presence and after-sales management. The South African manager, Afam Ike, will take on the role of CEO.
  • Customer assistance, which has always been one of the company’s priorities, will be at the centre of new investments. Remote assistance will be enhanced with a series of new additional augmented reality technologies, offering to the customer the best support in troubleshooting and maintenance. Also the technical training program, both for Forel staff and for the maintenance engineers of agencies and customers, will be enhanced with new multimedia and interactive tools.
  • Last but not least, Thermoplastic Spacer Applicator Art. TA is in presentation, enlarging Forel’s range of solutions for frame application. With this machinery, Forel has been able to develop innovative solutions for this kind of processing, optimizing not just the spacer application but all the process of assembly of the insulating glass unit.

“Every year has its own challenges and opportunities” concluded Fortunato and Riccardo Vianello. “Forel will respond to those of 2020 as usual: relaunching the company with new projects.”