FLEX-COND by Falorni Tech

The Flexible Conditioning System for NNPB process developed by Falorni Tech

FLEX-COND is the Flexible Glass Conditioning System developed by Falorni Tech for the production of NNPB. It represents the optimal combination of technologies, properly upgraded since 2010, that works for reaching the highest level of Thermal Homogeneity Index (THI) with values beyond 98 percent with flint glass.

The FLEX-COND concept plays a fundamental role as an efficient NNPB production which cannot be performed without optimal glass conditioning: the key issue in NNPB ( (Narrow Neck Press & Blow) production is the thermal homogeneity that the melted glass shall be achieved in the conditioning forehearth and only by the proper combination of technologies that involve the whole forehearth, the achievement of the suitable thermal homogeneity at the spout entry can be possible.

FLEX-COND is the lead of the fall off and on line advertising campaign of Falorni Tech, following the link flexcond.falornitech.com you can discover more about the benefits and the technical characteristics of FLEX- COND and its related technologies, as Falorni Tech AQRatio (Accurate Air/Gas Ratio Control System), the combustion system which support the channel heating, Falorni Tech ICS (Interactive Control System) a controller based on a unique technology supporting the whole conditioning phase and Falorni Tech COR-DIS (Cords Dissolution System) a stirring device equipped from 1 to 4 stirrers allowing easy operation and maintenance.