Filtraglass and JordonGlass finalize a representation agreement

On 28 June, Filtraglass finalized an agreement with JordonGlass, which will represent the company in the United States, opening the door to a market that is especially important due to its size and business volume.

JordonGlass is a company headquartered in Miami, Florida, founded almost 40 years ago and specialising in the international distribution of machinery and tools for the glass industry. It also offers consultancy services for the sector.

To set this new collaboration in motion, JordonGlass will be representing Filtraglass at the GlassBuild America fair in Atlanta this coming September. At stand 1343, in hall B2, JordonGlass will introduce Filtraglass’ water recycling systems to a market that is new for the company.

The American market, across all its sectors, is characterised by resolute determination to achieve improved and more sustainable production at better prices, which is precisely what Filtraglass offers: water recycling systems to lower costs, increase productivity and reduce the amount of waste that is generated by the industry.

Through this collaboration Filtraglass hopes to continue scaling up its international expansion and to reach out to a market brimming with opportunities, in which it can greatly contribute and make a difference.