FEVE: “Friends of Glass” launches Facebook game

The European consumer movement Friends of Glass has launched a Facebook game “Pass the Bottle”, which is supported by the European container glass industry. The initiative turns the socially responsible act of recycling into a fun social media game.

The European consumer movement Friends of Glass has launched a Facebook game “Pass the Bottle” to reward people who recycle glass and to encourage them to recycle even more and better. The European container glass industry supports the initiative which turns the socially responsible act of recycling into a fun social media game.
“Pass the bottle” wants the more than 5,000 Friends of Glass Facebook fans throughout Europe and the world to take part by recycling a virtual glass bottle and by inviting new friends to do the same. As in real life, the game shows that the social act of glass recycling is rewarding for the environment. These fans are part of more than 15,000 Friends of Glass group members who will be invited to join the social game and have a chance to be rewarded for their action.
“The game is our way of calling on people to make a simple and priceless gesture for the environment,” says Niall Wall, President of FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation.
“We encourage citizens to recycle more and show them how to do it in a funny way amongst friends. Facebook is the perfect way to do this.”
The game consists in sharing a good moment with friends by passing each other a virtual glass bottle of a delicious drink until the bottle is emptied and successfully recycled. The one who recycles the bottle is the winner because recycling glass is a win‐win for people and for the environment.
As it is fundamental to keep glass recycling as pure as possible, the game also brings people to information sites to explain how to be a good recycler by showing them what not to throw into the bottle bank.
According to latest data, each year more than 25 billion glass bottles and jars are collected for recycling throughout Europe. And for about 40 years – since the system was set up in Europe – figures are continuing to increase. Glass manufacturers, collectors, processors, public authorities and, above all, citizens, pool their efforts to preserve the planet where we live.
Glass recycling has a dramatic impact on waste prevention and energy saving, it reduces pollution and depletion of natural resources. And European consumers know it: almost half of European families rank glass as their number one environmentally friendly packaging product. And some 80% know that glass is recyclable into the same or similar packaging without loss of quality, far outperforming any other packaging material.
Friends of Glass is a self‐sufficient European consumer forum that supports and promotes the right of consumers to be able to choose food and drink products in glass packaging. It unites all those who believe glass is the clear choice for themselves, their families and for the environment. Friends of Glass was initiated in 2009 by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) in response to a pan‐European survey commissioned by FEVE in September 2008 and carried out by the independent research institute InSites, which found that 74% of European consumers prefer glass packaging for their food and drinks.

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