FEVE and GPI launch new interactive toolkit to support IYOG 2022

With glass in the spotlight like never before, it’s time to retell the story of this fascinating material and to share the many reasons why glass is the best packaging material – now, and for generations to come

A new, comprehensive toolkit has been produced in collaboration between the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) and the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) to tell the ongoing story of glass. Available to everyone as part of the UN International Year of Glass, the toolkit can be used, shared and freely adapted by any brand, organisation, company or ‘friend of glass’ who wants to join the two organizations’ shared love of glass and promote the many reasons to choose, love and recycle glass.

Glass is more important than ever for modern life: it is versatile and easy to renew and has the potential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals UN. In a circular economy, the benefits of recycling, reusing and re-purposing glass are countless. The more recycled content is used in production, the less raw materials are needed, the less energy is consumed, and the less CO2 is emitted. And each year, the industry continues to invest in decarbonisation, energy efficiency and plant upgrades to achieve carbon neutrality.

Download the interactive toolkit to discover what glass brings to society. The toolkit consists of 5 chapters, each covering a different topic and highlighting the reasons why glass is the best packaging material – now and for generations to come.

The toolkit can be downloaded as PDF or PowerPoint to adapt to your needs. If you would like access to the PPT file, please contact

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