Fenzi Group’s new website online

This August, Fenzi has completely updated its website, which now has a completely different graphic layout, with new contents and functions that play a fundamental role.

The Fenzi group’s first, most important means of communication with the rest of the world – its website – has been completely revamped. Designed to be searchable with all existing devices, including tablets and smartphones, the new website’s graphic layout is completely different, more modern and engaging, but maintains the same family feeling that has been a distinguishing feature of the company’s communications over recent years and that the market has come to recognize as unmistakably Fenzi.
But it’s mainly the new contents and functions that play a fundamental role. Information about products and innovations included in the catalogue will be available in real time, with ongoing, timely updates. Ample space will be given to news and technical details, which will be communicated through a more regular and streamlined newsletter service.
The company will be able to interact in a more direct way with its public, with easy access to whatever information that may be needed about Fenzi’s offerings and services.

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