Fenzi Group stands by children for a sustainable future

website maker Centre stage during Vision Milan Glass Week, an event held across Milan in conjunction with the Vitrum 2023 international trade show, was the Kids Labs by Kikolle Lab that engaged children in a creative approach to the important topic of recycling glass.

Among the sponsors of these special labs was the Fenzi Group, an international resource for the world of glass that is playing an increasingly active role in promoting activities tied to respect for the environment for a more sustainable future, with a specific emphasis on the huge contribution environmentally sustainable glass can make.

“We are engaged in many projects designed to reduce the environmental impact of the Group’s products and to raise awareness about this topic through activities in progress and already employed at some of the international and Italian headquarters of the Fenzi Group,” stated Matteo Padovan, General Manager of the Group’s Fenzi SpA Italian headquarters.

“The very nature of our group, driven by ongoing research into innovation, leads us to look with ever greater sensitivity to the future and to the subject of overall sustainability to create benefits, both in production and for the end user, in terms of energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. This project for children is a perfect fit with the Group’s mission because glass is the material of the present and the future.”

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