Falorni TECH showing in Beijing

Falorni TECH will be at China Glass 2017 from May 24-28.

The company will present its latest new solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of the glass manufacturing industrial plants in order to increase energy efficiency, minimize  environmental impact, and improve safety standards for workers.
Organized annually by the Chinese Ceramic Society, the exhibition attracts local and international enterprises to explore business opportunities in China’s market and neighboring countries. The Commercial Department of Falorni TECH said:  “The importance of China’s economy is well-known. Its economy is running on the right speed. The event is a good way to communicate, advertise, and sell our innovative solutions  to the companies and get a direct feedback from them, also to stimulate bilateral trade relations with the region.”
During CHINA GLASS 2017 Falorni TECH will present the Eco Glass Innovation solutions through developed projects and plants in 2016. “In January  the National Energy Administration of China unveiled its 13th Five Year Plan for Economic and Social Development (2016-2020) and it plans to reduce “emissions intensity” by more than other major economies. Falorni TECH’s aim is to demonstrate to visitors that a company which invest in Eco Glass Technology ia capable of maximizing the flexibility and minimizing the losses of production and energy consumption.”

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