Fall-protective feco double glazing

With certification the company now can offer even more design solutions for glass constructions

With the recently issued test certificates, feco rounds off its system partition wall range and offers attractive design solutions for the increasing demand for fall-protective glazing with high sound insulation up to Rw,P = 47 dB. For sound insulation requirements up to Rw,P = 42 dB, the successfully tested fecoplan all-glass construction as a fall-protective glass wall represents an economical alternative.

The test certificates enable fecostruct element dimensions with widths from 500 millimetres to 1,350 millimetres and heights from 1,000 millimetres to 3,000 millimetres for the double-sided linearly-supported glazing of the double-shell fecostruct partition wall system partition wall solutions.

Vertically, no additional brackets are required within the aforementioned limit dimensions, so that the fecostruct glazing‘s thin 20-millimetres vertical edge bonding takes on an elegant appearance. The fecofix glazing with linear support on all sides can be realised in the same element dimensions even up to a height of 3,500 millimetres. It also retains its filigree design when used for fall protection with a surrounding 20-millimetre-thin frame.