Fakro: best IGU quality with Sparklike’s Laser Portable 2.0

Thanks to the Sparklike mobile device, Fakro will be able to increase efficiency and effectiveness of inspections

Fakro, in Poland, takes their insulating glass quality to the next level by non-destructively measuring insulating gas concentration with Sparklike‘s Laser Portable 2.0. By doing this, they can promise their customers the best IGU quality to meet ever-tightening energy efficiency regulations. Cooperating in this project is the local distributor Polver to whom Sparklike would like to express their gratitude. Here is Fakro’s story regarding the purchase:

Ewa Łukaszczyk-Haslik, Director of Certification and Quality Control at Fakro, said, “The purchase of Sparklike Laser Portable™ 2.0 (for non-destructive gas measurement) was caused by the need to increase the number of inspections of triple insulating glass units, which until now had been checked using a time-consuming and invasive measurement method.

“Thanks to the Sparklike mobile device, we will be able to increase efficiency and effectiveness of inspections carried out both on the production line but also on-site, which will be an additional guarantee of the high quality of Fakro products.”

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