Exhibitor highlights at Glasstech Asia 2016

More and more Glasstec exhibitors are tapping into Vietnam’s vibrant market. Here we highlight two of them.

Qingdao Chinastar Holding Co., Ltd
CHINASTAR GLASS is a leading independent glass company in China that has been supplying discerning clients worldwide for over 10 years. “We are devoted to being an innovative leader in glass. Our dedicated team of experienced sales professionals provide the essential support and after-sales service necessary to ensure that all customer requirements, no matter how big or small, are met promptly and efficiently,” said a company spokesperson.
Ozone Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Ozone, a leading brand in architectural hardware industry in India and overseas, has been providing solutions to its widely spread customer base worldwide.  Since its inception, Ozone always strives to provide technologically advanced hardware products & solutions for its discerning customers. Its customer oriented approach has won many accolades internationally as well as on home ground. 
Keeping with this reputation, it has recently introduced the innovative next generation Concealed floor Spring, Ozone Plus which has compacted door closing into Super Slim size. This avant-garde fitting is a Bottom Patch fitting used in frameless glass doors & wooden doors. It does not require any floor spring to move the door & therefore omits the requirement of having pre-set (cavity created to fit the floor spring) on the floor. Since no cutting digging of floor is required, the fitting can be installed by drilling only 4 holes in the floor making its installation is very simple. Ozone Plus Concealed Floor Spring has all features like the normal floor spring:
Since no floor cavity and cutting is there, the fitting also ensures that there is no dust accumulation under the door (as in the case of dirt collecting below floor spring plates) and hence can be used in Clean Room applica­tions or in places where regular floor washing is required, such as food processing units and sweet shops. Ozone Plus is a good solution for temporary or rented offices as it can be easily uninstalled without damaging the floor.
Ozone Plus-concealed floor spring is a worldwide patented and conforms to EN 1154 European Standards. It is tested for long life and remarkable performance for years to come.