Everlam: a new quality supplier to the PVB market

Everlam is a new business unit formed out of the European production and service unit formerly owned by DuPont.

Everlam is dedicated to PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) with primary focus on serving the architectural market. Everlam™ is the new brand which replaces Butacite® virgin PVB film made in Hamm Uentrop in Germany.

Building on the organization and local production facilities which have been successfully servicing the laminated glass industry for more than 25 years, new experienced members have been added to the existing team to strengthen the resources.
Everlam will make high quality laminating products with outstanding services delivered to their customers. They will provide levels of customer focus not seen before in the PVB market, especially in the areas of responsiveness and lead time.

Upcoming events
Everlam will organize the “Laminated Architectural Glass Event” – 22- 23 September, 2015, in Hamm‐Uentrop, Germany.  Set in Everlam’s manufacturing facility, the event will be an ideal opportunity to visit the Everlam™ PVB extrusion plant as well as review developments in the architectural laminated glass world with top industry experts.