Eurotech: the new eT-Hover-univac-line compact device

A new lifting device has joined the Eurotech product portfolio

The eT-Hover-univac range of vacuum lifting devices is expanding: it now includes the new eT-Hover-univac-line. The newly developed lifting device is a more compact, lightweight version of the eT-Hover-univac. Like its predecessor, it is designed especially for building areas.

The eT-Hover-univac is designed as an attachment for crane and lifting equipment, it is suitable for lifting and moving large-surface loads made of glass, wood, metal, stone or plastic. The new vacuum lifting device eT-Hover-univac-line is also an attachment for crane and lifting equipment and compatible with the same materials. It is more compact and lighter than its predecessor, making it even more convenient for building areas.

“The eT-Hover-univac-line is suitable for all applications that involve lifting and moving narrow loads,” said product manager Andreas Beuter. “Take the assembly of a conservatory, for instance: tall, narrow windows need to be moved and installed. The new lifting devices allows you to handle very narrow loads effortlessly.”

The eT-Hover-univac-line also has a manual turning function and it can be turned continuously by 360° and has an automatic locking option at steps of 45°. Manual pivoting of the device by up to 90° is also possible. Like the eT-Hover-univac, the device is operated using buttons on the case. A wireless remote control is optionally available. Two handles make the device easy to position and guide, an electric carrier arm for automatic pivoting is optionally available.

The new eT-Hover-univac-line has a two-circuit system and four suction plates arranged in line. It is this linear arrangement of the suction plate that gave the eT-Hover-univac-line its name. In vertical mode, the lifting device can lift loads with a weight of up to 360 kilogrammes; in horizontal mode, up to 500 kilogrammes. These loads can have dimensions of up to 2,500 x 1,000 millimetres. An extended main beam can increase the maximum dimensions to 4,500 millimetres.

The two-circuit system and the lightweight, compact design of the eT-Hover-univac-line make it perfect for operations in building areas. Multiple security and warning systems designed in accordance with DIN EN 13155 prevent operation errors and hazards.