EU imposes anti-dumping duty on Chinese solar glass

Chinese solar glass manufacturers importing their products into the EU will now have an anti-dumping duty of 42.1% to pay. The EU is hoping that by applying these duties, European manufacturers that ceased production could start up again.

A 42.1% anti-dumping duty has been applied on Chinese solar glass manufacturers by the EU as of 28 November. This duty follows on from an investigation into the matter, which was announced in February this year, and a parallel anti-subsidy inquiry following in April.
Companies that cooperated with the EU investigation will be charged slightly lower rate of 38.4% with Henan Yuhua given the lowest rate of 17.1% to reflect its smaller dumping margin. Hehe Group was given a 32.3% levy and Xinyi Group a 39.3% rate.
The EU has imposed these duties on Chinese imports to allow European manufacturers that ceased production to start up again, after the recent influx of low cost solar glass from China has placed immense pressures on European producers.

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