Environment the focus of 2016 China Glass Industry Annual Conference

The 10th annual 2016 China Glass Industry Annual Conference and New Technology Seminar and New Products Show, organized by China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, will be held in March, 2016 in Hang Zhou.

The purpose of the event is to promote structural adjustment, industrial upgrading and transformation, to study and solve existing problems, and to support the sustainable and healthy development of glass industry.
The theme of the meeting is energy-saving, environment-friendly, innovation and development. Organisers say the goal is to build a platform for industry communication, promoting the healthy development of the industry.
Meeting content includes:
⁃Special Report
⁃Report on Industrial economic operation and development
⁃Report on glass industry status, development trends and association work /Users/alisondavid/Desktop/LOGO.JPGreport
⁃Strategies and measures to solve the overcapacity in glass industry
⁃The status and development trends of photovoltaic industry and solar-thermal industry
⁃Report on China green buildings and passive and low-energy consumption buildings
⁃The 13th five-year plan of development outline in glass industry
⁃The analysis and strategy on the international market
⁃Special report on the newest technology and product spoken by the experts at home and abroad
⁃Special report on advanced management mode and management experience
⁃Special report on related industry hot issues and difficulties
⁃Special report on industry policies
There will also be an academic exchange and product seminar, new products and technology show and a call for abstracts.
More information is available from www.glass.org.cn and http://www.glassnets.com.