Energy Saving Glass and Mappi: gearing up for growth

Markets change, companies grow, and more and more often the solution to be competitive is to increase the number of machines

Important investments, like increasing the number of machines, must be planned taking into account not only the cost but also the advantages in terms of quality, price, productivity and reliability. This is the choice faced by Energy Saving Glass having to respond to the growing demand for tempered glass.

Energy Saving Glass is a family-owned double-glazing manufacturer that supplies to both the public and trade. Alex Walker, Director, said, “The demand for toughened glass has grown and grown to be a staple of what we do. The investment in the furnace, arriser and washer give us control of supply in terms of both quality and cost.”

And the tempering oven is a new Mappi ATS Eco 4.0 Furnace, which is key in delivering Energy Saving Glass new tempering and toughening capability. We chose Ats 4.0 because it was developed to offer reduced cycle times and increased productivity and efficiency, through a series of exclusive innovations.
Maps Ats 4.0 reaches tempering temperatures within an hour, includes Mappi Multizone Heating System, which exploits a network of electronically controlled sensors to apply constant and highly concentrated heat only where glass is detected. Energy consumption is reduced through its Energy Saving System, which uses a computerized ventilation system to optimize fuel consumption.

This is further enhanced using a technically advanced 350mm insulation. The ATS Eco 4.0 also uses a patented roller mechanism, which synchronizes the movement of ceramic rollers providing perfect glass flow without the requirement for use of sulphur dioxide in the heating process. A smart cooling system also introduces more precision to the cooling process, reducing iridescence.
Each production cycle is automatically recorded and stored providing an automatic report simplifying the CE Marking compliance process.
“We would like to thanks Joe Hague from Promac for his valuable support in choosing the best furnace configuration. We have chosen Mappi not only for us but for our customers too, because it can confirm our reputation in terms of quality, reliability, innovation. This is a major benefit for our customers” concluded Alex.