Encirc brings bottle designs to life with Augmented Reality

Encirc is embracing smart technology in manufacturing by offering an AR bottle design service

Encirc’s Augmented Reality service enables customers to view their glass packaging design concepts in real-world settings as well as move and amend them quickly.

Thanks to its new Augmented Reality (AR) Service, customers of UK-based container glass manufacturer Encirc can see their glass container designs brought to life. In fact, the AR technology means Encirc customers can view their glass packaging design concepts in real-world settings as well as move and amend them quickly.
The AR technology service superimposes a computer-generated design onto a customer’s point of view via an iOS app on a tablet or smartphone.
When compared to the typical method of 3D printing prototypes, this digitisation of the design process increases the efficiency and speed at which Encirc’s customers’ products come to market.
The new AR offering will build on Encirc’s current design options which already allow customers to create innovative and effective containers through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology.
Combined, Encirc’s CAD and AR services will ensure the technical quality of the product is optimised, while the aesthetics still meet the desired requirements.
Using AR, Encirc can put container concepts through their paces using virtual reality stress tests. These deliver comparable results to real-life testing, but can be completed in approximately one week.
By doing this, it allows Encirc to gain an accurate understanding of what will happen when glass prototypes are progressed to the trial stage, and therefore decrease the chance of re-trials. Streamlining the whole process is also more sustainable as it reduces the total amount of products used during the testing process.
Rob Coates, Product and Graphic Designer, Encirc, said: “Our new service is in-line with our future-thinking focus and mission to make Encirc even more efficient and sustainable through the use of innovative digital technology.”

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