Egis Technology to unveil Under Glass Fingerprint Sensor at MWC Barcelona 2017

Egis Technology Inc., a leading fingerprint sensor provider, will debut its brand new under glass fingerprint sensor that can be used with a cover glass of over 1000um at MWC Barcelona 2017, from February 27th to March 2nd.

Fingerprint sensors which can be placed under the cover glass of mobile devices are the next step in the evolution of fingerprint sensor technology. In the past, some lesser technologies have attempted to do this, but at a cost of system level reliability – a certain area of the cover glass needs to be etched so that the signal can get through. The new under cover glass sensor from Egis requires no etching, and will be able to penetrate over 1000 micrometers of glass, allowing the user to have a seamless fingerprint authentication experience without having to reduce the quality and durability of the phone.
Egis will be at at Hall 1, Booth 1G45 in the Fira Gran Via at MWC Barcelona.