Edil Vetro triples its plant with Forel machinery

In Edil Vetro the entire insulating glass units production cycle is carried out with Forel machinery

The cooperation between Forel and Edil Vetro, a Company established in 1984 in Benevento (Italy), is a long-standing one. After the first insulating glass line, installed over fifteen years ago, a succession of other successful projects has followed. The latest of these are a complete vertical cutting line for laminated glass and the recently installed “High Tech” insulating glass line. Both of these solutions are already installed and fully operational at the new production site, along with all the other machines purchased by Edil Vetro for tempering, laminating, horizontal cutting and edge processing.

“In our plant” explained Mr. Sabatino, owner of Edil Vetro “the entire insulating glass units production cycle is carried out with Forel machinery: laminated glass sheets (Jumbo size: 6,000 x H=3,300 mm) are loaded into the automated storage, which feeds the vertical cutting line, which is equipped with two cutting bridges and a central rotation section. Using two separate IG production lines has significantly increased our flexibility and allow us to process different orders simultaneously.

“The first of these two insulating glass lines is dedicated to the residential applications. This line is producing mainly single chamber units up to 2000 mm in height, and can also process shaped units. It is very precise and is capable of ensuring high production outputs, within a specific range of sizes. We wanted to improve our capabilities, so that we could also be competitive with more challenging sizes and characteristics: that’s why we installed a new Forel “High Tech” Jumbo IG line. This new line has substantially increased our competitiveness.”

The “High Tech” IG line represents Forel’s last evolution in terms of IG units production, designed to offer the most effective choice of options for the production of IG units for residential and commercial applications, like glass facades. Boasting a host of exclusive, innovative solutions, this line is capable of producing double, triple or quadruple insulating units up to 6000 x H=3300 mm, including stepped units and shapes, as well as offering many other possibilities. The impressive production capacity of this IG line and the superior quality of the finished products make it a strategic choice.

Forel “High Tech” IG Line in Edil Vetro plant

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