Edgetech Super Spacers® discreetly remain in the background

Super Spacers completely disappear out of view

Aesthetical or functional? A spacer must meet both objectives when inserted into a demanding glass façade. The Timmerhuis in Rotterdam is a current example of this.

The question of “warm edge – yes or no?” plays a key part when choosing a spacer. In addition to the technical functional principle and their energetic performance, spacers also differ in terms of their aesthetical impact. Perforations, which are required to ensure the effectiveness of the drying agent in many hollow profiles, can also disturb the visual impression to the same extent as glossy, light-reflecting stainless steel surfaces. “This kind of spacer sometimes stirs up a lot of emotions,” explains Axel Hinderberger, managing director of the facade constructor that goes by the same name in Aalen. “The design of the glass edge seal may never be neglected during the coordination meetings, due to the fact it is definitely too late to conduct basic discussions concerning the appearance in the glass cavity during the acceptance following inspection,” he continues. Horst Matias, Technical Sales Engineer at Edgetech Europe in Heinsberg, confirms the desire for homogeneous, smooth surfaces: “The visible side of a spacer is typically uniformly matt and is non-reflective. As soon as the insulating glass unit is inserted in the frame, Super Spacers completely disappear out of view due to the fact only the frame colour is reflected in the glass. Thanks to these properties, curved and flat glass units can also be installed harmoniously next to one another.”

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