DreamGlass® Privacy Glass for Baku Flame Towers

Smart glass from DreamGlass is being used to separate bathrooms from bedrooms at the Baku Flame Towers in Azerbaijan. Thanks to the use of Privacy Glass, guests have the opportunity of changing the glass wall from opaque to transparent and vice versa using a wall switch.

DreamGlass® Privacy Glass, also known as Smart Glass/Switchable Glass/Intelligent Glass has been installed within each room at Baku Flame Towers, Azerbaijan, separating the bathroom from bedroom with a wall switch.
Hotels are continuously introducing ground breaking technological solutions in order to cater the ongoing challenge to offer unique and new experiences to their clients. DreamGlass® Privacy Glass precisely matches this trend by granting a distinctive experience amongst guests staying at Baku Flame Towers.
In addition to offering high tech solutions, architects are also paying special attention to the use of light. Nowadays, the general trend is to stay away from traditional designs which were packed with dark tones and rather apply lighter colours and furniture with sleek designs.
Bathrooms have generally always been confined atmospheres; however the use of Privacy Glass has proven to be the ultimate solution as it provides the option of becoming transparent and allowing abundant light to spread into the bathroom and throughout the room, ultimately giving a feeling of a less clustered space.

For more information: www.dreamglassgroup.com.