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Friday, December 9, 2022

Dow – “Enhance the vision and safety of frameless glass balustrades”

Join the live talk with Dow specialists

Frameless glass balustrades in modern building designs continue to grow in popularity and offer a contemporary feel with pure glass aesthetics, allowing artificial and natural light to flow freely and unobstructed views. Aesthetics, safety and durability are a few key topics to be considered when designing these modern glass walls.

Dow has recently introduced DOWSIL™ 375 Construction & Glass Embedding, a new high strength, fast-cure technology which helps to realize construction and glass embedding designs safely and efficiently.

Dow’s Global Specifications Manager, Enrico Cutri and one of Dow’s technical specialists, Dr. Guy Beaucarne, will provide an insight into application and technology in a live talk ‘Enhance the vision and safety of frameless glass balustrades’. A short video demonstrating the product’s high impact resistance will also be featured.

Participants will have the possibility to ask questions at the end of this live talk, moderated by Markus Plettau, Dow’s Global Marketing Manager, High Performance Building Façades.

Join this live talk on March 25, at 1pm. Participants are invited to register online.

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