Dow: a breakthrough in full vision glazing

Join the interactive LIVE session on DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer

Dow‘s fascination with glass continues, allowing the company to connect the inside with the outside with frameless systems that permit unlimited and uninterrupted vision.

Designs in glass have become increasingly popular due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance when used for applications with architectural impact or for utility appliances with doors or side elements. One particular example where greater transparency and full vision can be achieved is commercial refrigerator doors.

Dow has introduced a flexible, optically clear, spacer for connecting glass, named DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer. Insulating glass with full transparency with a potential for use in a variety of glass designs and connections is now a reality.

This silicone spacer is intended for use in the assembly of air-filled insulating glass. Flexibility and movement accommodation are just two of the key features. It is chemically reactive and builds full adhesion almost instantly. Easy, efficient and durable – it is an ideal solution for commercial refrigerator doors, where good product visibility in a retail environment is desirable and is also suitable for many other glass applications. Supplied ready to use, its inherent flexibility offers durability and reduces the risk of glass breakage.

Need to enhance energy efficiency? DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer provides a very low thermal conductivity and can enhance the performance of energy efficient glazing systems. Different spacer dimensions are available to help enable creative flat and curved glass designs.

Dow is pleased to invite you on a live and interactive journey to discover the application, usage and potential of ‘DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer’ on 20 May 2021 at 10am GMT+1, 11am CET.

Participants are invited to register online.

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