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DIAMUT: EVOX–lution for CNC and vertical machines

In the era of digital innovation, automation and industry 4.0, machines almost always take a starring role, with cutting-edge guided by innovative software, which speak to and interact with each other, making our factories more efficient.

There are two very important assets kept in very high consideration in each and every glassworks: their own machine park, and obviously the glass itself. And it’s quite funny that these two important elements are never in direct contact. But, as everyone of us knows, it’s the tool that is the point of contact of these two elements, and it’s the tool itself that transforms the glass sheet into a glass product that all the world knows: from a window to a glass shelf, from a cabinet to a shower door. And this is why we can resume this concept with a simple sentence: a performing tool makes a performing machine; a top quality tool makes top quality products.

With this concept in mind, Diamut, the division of Biesse Group dedicated to
the design and manufacture of tools for processing glass, stone and synthetic materials, has developed a new range of tools able to increase both machine productivity and quality of all glass processed: the EVOX line.

The EVOX line has been developed in two main families: EVOX10, with a diameter of 100mm for all CNC machines, and EVOX15, with a diameter of 150mm for all vertical CNC machines.

The EVOX10 line was especially developed for standard, horizontal CNC machines, such as the globally known and appreciated Intermac Master, but this same line can also improve performance in every CNC model and brand.

The first aspect to highlight is the fact that has been made with a new revolutionary bond: DDSM15. Beside the fact that it is environmental friendly, thanks to being cobalt and nickel free, it also guarantees cost savings as, once the tools are consumed, they do not need to be disposed of as special waste.
Another important feature is reduced total height, thus allowing the assembly of packed wheels onto the tool holder, which means that fewer tool holders are needed. Savings in time are guaranteed thanks to the automatic tool changeover.
With regards to design, an important development is that of the passing through cut, which obviously helps the water coolant to enter, also facilitating material removal, thus improving performance and quality.
The results of this evolution are clear to see in performance: +50 per cent.
Three values are always measured when testing tools at Diamut: speed, working life and quality. End users who decide to increase one of these values will create a disadvantage in the other two. In fact, if the speed is increased too much it will result in a shorter working life and lower quality, in the same way with the other two aspects.
So when we say +50 per cent in speed it means without affecting the other two aspects: quality and life. A simple example of this can be seen in figures: door processing in 10mm 2 meters x 1 meter glass, with three notches, the total working time with previous wheels was 18 minutes compared to 15 minutes for the same job carried out with EVOX wheels. This means five more doors produced per working day, increassing machine productivity by over 20 per cent.
EVOX10 is Diamut’s new advanced tool to obtain maximised performance.

EVOX15 has all the advantages of EVOX10, with with a number of additional features: the aluminium body enables to reduce weight as much as possible, an important factor considering the dimensions of the wheel.
Cuts also pass through and, in this version, the number of cuts are increased; passing from six cuts of the previous version to the 12 cuts of the EVOX line.
EVOX15 also achieves another very important result, being able to work at maximum efficiency with reduced rotational speed. This, in turn, results in energy savings and an important reduction on electro spindle wear.
This version also has impressive performance, with +43 per cent working speed.
So we can say that with new rotational speed and new increased working speed, EVOX15 is, therefore, the perfect change to carry out uncompromising  glass grinding.

Diamut – Biesse Group

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