Diamon-Fusion and IGE Glass Technologies form new partnership

DFI and IGE Glass Technologies have formed a partnership to deliver new machinery aimed at reducing costs for protective coating applicators. Through the partnership, IGE will obtain exclusive rights to distribute (in the US and Canada), DFI’s new FuseCube™ technology.

Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, and IGE Glass Technologies, Inc., leading glass equipment and supplies distributor in North America, have jointly announced the forming of a partnership to deliver new machinery aimed at reducing costs for protective coating applicators up to 75% versus traditional application methods.
Through the partnership, IGE will obtain exclusive rights to distribute (in the US and Canada), DFI’s new FuseCube™ technology, designed to revolutionize the protective coatings industry, soon to be released in the coming weeks. IGE’s expanding sales force will be tasked with sales, installation and after-sales service support for the FuseCube, offering the most cost-effective, high-quality coating process in the world.
IGE, with over 30 years of experience in the glass fabrication industry, is the exclusive distributor for several machine manufacturers in the architectural flat glass industry, such as Forvet, LandGlass Technology Co., Hanjiang and more. IGE supplies and services glass fabrication machinery and glass handling equipment exclusively in North America, while working together with IGE Supply Solutions, Inc. and IGE Service Solutions, Inc. in supplying and servicing customers with machinery and equipment, parts and tooling, and service and support. Based in Jupiter, Florida, IGE offers the glass industry the most innovative equipment and supplies available that reduce labour, handling, and waste, while increasing productivity and profit, with a focus on growing safety glass, decorative glass, solar glass and general flat glass fabrication products.
“For over six years, we’ve been looking for a cost-effective, low-labour method for applying protective coatings and with DFI’s new FuseCube, I know we have finally found what our fabricators have been looking for. After years of interacting with fabricators in the glass industry and understanding each one’s unique needs, I’m confident that with the FuseCube, we will offer the most efficient process and best choice for protective coatings available in the industry, period,” said Michael Spellman, President of IGE. “Our expanding sales force will deliver the clear benefits of moving to the new coating machinery, clearly showing why the FuseCube is the way of the future for protective coating applications. DFI continues to display its innovative approach to the industry and we look forward to building upon this prosperous relationship.”
Adam Zax, Chief Executive Officer of DFI, added: “There is no better company than IGE to deliver the message of DFI’s labour and material costs savings. We are excited about joining forces with this growing team, offering decades of experience serving the glass industry with top-notch machinery. This new partnership also serves as a solid platform to expand our wide range of coatings options, to provide the highest-quality, cost-effective and flexible protection coatings available in the market today.”
DFI coatings have gained increased market acceptance in a variety of markets from its initial success in glass shower enclosures. DFI’s flagship Diamon-Fusion® can now be found reducing maintenance on commercial buildings, such as the Old Tiffany Building in New York City and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, known as “the Greenest Museum in the World”, to increasing the useful life of windshields on US Army HUMVEEs in the Middle East and glass tabletops in major timeshare resorts, as well as keeping sanitary ware and pharmaceutical equipment clean.

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