DFI’s FuseCube™ hydrophobic coating machine enhances White Bear’s glass offering

White Bear shower enclosures will feature a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean coating


White Bear now has a DFI’s FuseCube™ hydrophobic coating machine which ensures low-maintenance, easy-to-clean coating on its shower enclosures.

White Bear has announced that thanks to its newly installed FuseCube coating machine from DFI, its shower enclosures will feature a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean coating, which is very significant for the products White Bear designs and installs.
FuseCube streamlines the Diamon-Fusion® coating via a chemical vapour deposition process. The coating is circulated throughout the chamber and fused onto both sides of the glass ensuring evenly coated glass. Diamon-Fusion chemically bonds with the silica in glass, creating an ultra-thin, protective barrier with a variety of benefits:
* Reduces cleaning time and frequency of cleanings
* Eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners
* Protection against dirt, hard water stains, and corrosion
* Highly-resistant to UV – long lasting stability
The patented glass treatment also comes with a lifetime warranty and can be applied to a wide range of glass surfaces including acid etched glass, sandblasted glass, textured glass and much more – satisfying a diverse set of clientele.


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