Croxson chosen for House of Elrick artisan gin

Glass packaging company Croxsons has produced an elegant new bottle for the House of Elrick, a new brand in the premium spirits market.

Producing just 600 bottles per batch, the House of Elrick is located on an historical estate in Aberdeenshire and is the only artisan small batch gin producer that uses fresh, filtered water straight from Loch Ness, Croxsons said.
Croxsons used the luxurious look and feel of its 700ml Little Pasha bottle design with a stopper cork, sprayed in a matt blue finish and screen printed with silver ink to communicate a unique and distinctive appeal. The result is both simple and bold in its execution, Croxsons said, and, according to House of Elrick brand owner Stuart Ingram, provides the gin with ‘a final glass product that matches our own exceptional liquid and heritage’.
In addition to the 700ml version, which is due to be released prior to Christmas, Croxsons is also working on a miniature 50ml and 350ml version, with the possibility of a 3 litre version due in the new year.
“As a new entrant to the industry, having partners in business that understand the clients’ requirements is key to any working relationship. Croxsons have managed to address all concerns during the course of our product development,” added Ingram.
Croxsons’ Tim Croxson added “The fantastic packaging for the House of Elrick speaks volumes about what can be achieved irrespective of whether you are a large or small producer. There should be no compromise in aiming to create maximum impact on shelf and, as a packaging partner, Croxsons will always encourage that.”

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