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The whole world is experiencing an exceptional and complex moment, that’ s why the teams of the Satinal Group have taken time to look back at the successes achieved in just two years, in order to think positively and to say out loud that “Everything will be alright“, guided by the spirit according to which “Everything has changed. Everything is transformed. Everything is solved.”

So let’s take a step back: in the year 2017 Alfredo Bresciani and his sons Luca and Marco set the basis to start the first Italian production of EVA film ( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). In 2018, in the 20,000 square meters production plant of Satinal in Erba (Como, Italy), they installed the first worldwide extrusion line able to produce an EVA film with a maximum width of 2600 mm (102″), thus representing the first real innovation in the EVA market. Advanced machinery for high quality products. A part of the current production area remains dedicated to future growth and investment projects.

This is how STRATO®, the new brand of EVA interlayer for laminating safety glass, was born.

An important and demanding investment for a plant costing 1,500,000 EUR in addition to 500,000 EUR invested in Research and Development; but why this choice? Why produce an EVA film in Italy when the 90% of this material comes from Asian countries?

The answer is simple: Satinal produces in Italy to better follow the production process, quality control and to offer its customers the attention and care necessary to create extraordinary, stylish and innovative projects. Everything starts from the understanding of the customer’s needs that has led the R&D department to develop a wide range of products, with different characteristics and properties.

The Satinal Group, which includes the TK, STRATO® and Satinal brands, confirms itself as the only group in the world that is able to produce and offer the widest range of machinery for glass processing and a wide choice of interlayers for glass lamination, supporting its customers at 360°.

TK is the only company on the glass market that is able to design and manufacture laminating, chemical tempering, tempering and HST furnaces, with high level international references.

On the other hand, Satinal’s customers can choose the EVA film that best suits their needs and according to the result they want to achieve. The STRATO® product range consists of the following finishes:

  • STRATO® PLUS – smooth EVA film with excellent transparency
  • STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO – stiff EVA film easy to clean at the end of the lamination
  • STRATO® LEGGERO – slightly frosted EVA film
  • STRATO® SATINATO – EVA film with classic frosted finish
  • STRATO® LATTE – milky white and semi-opaque EVA film
  • STRATO® BIANCO – brillant and opaque white EVA film
  • STRATO® NERO – opaque and elegant black EVA film
  • STRATO® FRESCO – solar control EVA film for energy saving

Laminated glass with STRATO® EVA film allows to customers to offer customized solutions both indoors (e.g. partition walls for offices, stairs, floors, display cases, etc.) and outdoors (e.g. shop windows, building facades, bus and subway shelters, railings, etc.) thanks to the mechanical, optical and energetic characteristics of the EVA film.

The results obtained after two years demonstrate the group’s strategic and synergistic choices: the growth is constant, as a result of the ability and willingness to invest in Research and Development and to provide the market with innovative and high quality solutions.

A proof of this is the commercial leadership position achieved in some markets, such as the American one, and the internal Research and Development Laboratory S-LAB: here all quality tests (impact, adhesion, UV resistance, high humidity and temperature, shrinkage rate, cross-linking etc.) are carried out on samples of STRATO® EVA film taken during production.

The high level of quality that Satinal is committed to offer is not only about the product but it is also extended to the service and technical advice available, free of charge, to all customers. All customers can request to carry out the same tests on the samples supplied by them, allowing them to have a preliminary, timely and free response before proceeding with the official certification of the finished product. Satinal’s technicians support companies and carry out both on-site and remote training activities. In this way, they can always guide the customer through all phases related to the production of laminated glass with EVA STRATO® film, including the use of TK brand laminating furnaces.

In addition to the ongoing study of the EVA material and its applications in the glass industry, Satinal invests considerable resources in achieving certifications issued by the best national and international accredited Institutes, in order to guarantee the use of EVA STRATO® film according to the different standards in force.

Satinal’s production activities and customer service remain operational, in compliance with the recent decree-laws issued by the Italian Government and according to the most stringent healthcare conditions required.

Even in this difficult period for Italy and international countries, Satinal carries on its work with the same care and dedication as ever. The offices in Erba (Italy), Miami (USA) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) remain operational and people are organized to ensure the regular service paying even more attention: the personnel work in full compliance with government regulations and observe all necessary precautions to protect themselves and other people’s health.

The orders received from all customers remain guaranteed and the production capacity is not compromised by the state of emergency. All raw materials are provided by European suppliers to meet production needs, as well as an appropriate warehouse stocks. Freight forwarding companies continue to provide their services without interruption.

Satinal’s organization is solid, efficient and flexible, so it can respond quickly and efficiently to all technical assistance or consulting requests coming from national and international customers.

Satinal is always by the side of all customers to better face the period of global health crisis. and it is confident to meet all the players in the glass market at Glasstec 2020 where they will show the latest news and innovations about STRATO®.

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