Corning releases multipurpose high-precision laser processing tool

Corning Incorporated has announced the commercial availability of a new high-precision laser processing tool ideal for research and development and high-volume manufacturing.

The Corning® 45G NX laser system is specifically designed for cutting and drilling strengthened and non-strengthened glass and other crystalline materials, as well as processing micro materials such as OLED, polyimide, wafers, ceramics, and plastics.
To ensure the highest precision, the machine base and vertical structure are made from solid granite blocks. An advanced X-Y-split axis design with linear motors and sophisticated CNC control allow the processing head to move with a maximum speed of 1,000 mm/s and an acceleration of up to 10 m/s2. With optional automatic loading and unloading units, the system is ideally suited for high-volume production applications.
The CLT 45G NX has an axis-repeatability accuracy of better than 2 microns for demanding micro machining. To process a wide array of different materials quickly and efficiently, the system can be equipped with up to three different laser sources, each feeding individual processing heads. This flexibility is ideal for research and development applications as well as for volume manufacturing needs.
“Corning Laser Technologies laser glass cutting systems enable a high-quality output and yield as a result of low-surface roughness of the processed material, increased cut-bend strength of the processed material, and a high-system throughput,” said Michael Mueller, business director, Corning Laser Technologies. “Our latest system innovation brings further flexibility and efficiencies to our global customers.”