Continuity of service at Pujol Group

Pujol Group is willing to continue providing the best service to its customers in a safe and effective way

We are facing an exceptional situation that requires businesses and people to assume their own responsibility with strength. Responsibility that all the businesses belonging to Pujol Group have assumed. The following initiatives have been implemented to allow the group to be prepared and guarantee continuity and quality in the supply of its products:

1.-Responsibility to people
To ensure the health and safety of all of the teams working in the offices or in the factories in Barcelona or A Coruña, the company has provided them with all the possible facilities to work remotely from home. Pujol Group has enabled the necessary communication channels to maintain permanent contact with Area Managers and with General Management.

2.-Responsibility to clients
To maintain their commitment to clients and continue providing the best service :

  • The sales team attends all customer requests as per usual.
  • The logistics team attends and works as per usual, managing all the incoming requests, guaranteeing as far as possible the best delivery conditions of goods.
  • The purchasing department is in consistent contact with regular suppliers and already has reliable alternative solutions in case of shortages.
  • In order to continue supplying products and for previously acquired projects -and during the current situation-, the production factories in Barcelona and A Coruña will continue their operations. The recommendations of the health authorities will be applied at all times to reduce the possible risk of infection.
  • The company will try to avoid physical contact and interactions with clients and collaborators unless strictly necessary. If physical presence necessary, there will be at a minimum distance of 1.5 m – 2 m. The company hopes clients will understand this necessary measure.

Pujol Group hopes that these initiatives contribute to give continuity to their activity.