CONDAT: what’s new in lubrication?

Reducing costs by using high-performance products is essential, but supporting responsible performance that takes into account social, safety and environmental issues becomes paramount

CONDAT develops solutions that allow to increase productivity and reduce oil consumption all whilst guaranteeing safety for personnel and respect for the environment.

Dry swab and lower costs
Improve productivity

Last born from CONDAT R&D labs, the CONDAGLASS 370 is a graphite swabbing lubricant. Its new formula allows easy lubrication of all kind of bottle shapes, including spirit bottles (heavy gobs) and cosmetic containers (requesting high cleanliness). Developed to remove automatic reject after swabbing, CONDAGLASS 370 can save 2 to 3 bottles every 30min, meaning millions of bottles can be recovered every year.

High-performance, CONDAGLASS 370 also generates low quantity of residue resulting in cleaner molds that can last longer. Icing on the cake: its viscosity enables easy handling and manual swabbing by operators.

Altogether, CONDAGLASS 370 allows manufacturing savings and improves working conditions for your staff.

High temperature lubes for I.S. machines
Reduce consumption and secure working conditions

For maintenance needs, CONDAT offers high performance lubricants. Thanks to its many years of expertise in high temperature fluids, used for example in steel & aluminium industries, the company understands the challenges and issues encountered in an extremely hot work environment.
New GLASS HTS 250 IS is a 100 percent synthetic oil dedicated to central lubrication of I.S. machines with high flash point. Already approved by both glass plants and OEM’s I.S. machines, this lubricant has performed with the following unique benefits:

  • Low evaporation
  • High thermal stability
  • Low oxidation
  • Excellent lubricating properties

This product is available with a fluorescent dye that reflects easily under a UV light, allowing maintenance to detect machine leaks very quickly.

All these benefits result in a lubricant consumption reduced up to 50 percent compared to a standard mineral oil. Completely free of heavy metals, chlorine and solvents, the GLASS HTS 250 IS also reduce fire risks; it specifically targets keeping your lubricating budget under control with lower cost and emphasizes production floor safety without compromising productivity.