CMS: The era of bevelling with templates is coming to an end

Bevelling is a process that is generally applied to glass, mirrors and crystals to give the finished product an elegant appearance. It involves smoothing and polishing the surface of the glass at the edges with a 5 degree angle.

The application is very popular and can be adapted to numerous forms, both linear and curved. It is used to produce mirrors and table tops.

The machining process requires precision and attention to detail, especially on glass that is thinner than 6 millimetre. In these cases, it has always been essential to use glass templates specific to each shape.

The template is impractical in terms of time but above all in terms of cost.

All of this led CMS to study a unique and innovative (patented) alternative: the NTS (No Template System), a component attached to the processing head of the machining centre that eliminates the need for templates.

Adopting this solution brings with it considerable savings: up to 33 percent in time and up to 41 percent in material used.

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