Cms glass – Processing glass even simpler and more intuitive

Using the new EasyGLASS software, working with glass has never been so fast

Cms glass machines are constantly undergoing research and development that brings continuous improvements.

This is the case with the new EasyGLASS software, available for all Cms glass machinery. With version 6.8 and higher, there is an optional package available to use with autoCAM that allows you to program an entire project in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the shape and size of the template to be created
  2. Choose and apply the notches and holes
  3. Generate the iso program

Exclusive advantages

  • 57 percent time saved in creating a new project
  • 100 percent new parametric feature active on the Cms machines
  • 3D process simulations available for all Cms machine models

All of this is possible because the optional package allows to work with parametric geometric shapes. EasyGLASS has a shape library of parametric templates and notches that can be used to create your own projects to be processed on our machines.

Furthermore, due to the parametric features, projects can be changed by adjusting the size of the piece without losing the position of the notches and vice versa.

And that’s not all: the software gives the user a chance to simulate the machining process in 3D.

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