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Cms North America and Diversified Machine Systems merge sales’staff

Starting January 1st, 2021, the merging sales’ staff of Cms North America and Diversified Machine Systems will be solidified. A united sales force that will only serve to strengthen each company’s individual, limitless capabilities with composites, carbon fibre, aluminium, light alloys, and metal materials.

CMS North America’s acquisition of DMS in November of 2018, signified the start of this greater vision, unifying the unique skill sets and industry leading products each company possesses, in order to create new standards of excellence for uncharted, innovative solutions.

The mission is to optimize the diversity presented in this fusion, while preserving CMS and DMS’s distinct identities. Combining the best of individual abilities, both companies will learn from each other by utilizing the unparalleled expertise of each one, while broadening both  machinery portfolios and available technologies as well.

Mike Crosby, Chief Operations Officer of CMS North America, has overseen the integration process and the redesigned program implemented for sales training. He explained that, “bringing together two iconic companies with a shared relentless commitment to quality and innovation, creates a strong foundation for both U.S. and international growth. Our combined brands and businesses mean an increased scale and relevance in the global market; bringing new and exciting opportunities for our employees and business partners.”

Customers can rest assured that their manufacturing needs, quality assurance, service options provided, and policies will be continuing as is, unaffected by the merging sales’ departments. The operations pertaining to an order, delivery, and maintenance are solely defined by the company manufacturing a purchase, and proceeding operations such as contacting for inquiries, technician scheduling, training scheduling, and so on remain unaffected as well.

The main commonality between CMS and DMS is this: the customer is a core business. Above all else the companies will work with and for the customer, maximizing synergy to develop customized machines that best serve the client’s business

CMS North America’s and DMS are looking forward to starting this journey together, introducing new capabilities for all industries as the redefined premier technology partner.

CMS North America, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was established in 1969 as a worldwide leading company specializing in the production of numerically controlled multi-axis machining centres, thermoforming machines, and waterjet cutting systems.

Diversified Machine Systems is a privately-held corporation with headquarters located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, that has been serving manufacturers for 30 years. DMS is an industry-leading designer and American manufacturer of 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers and machining solutions.

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