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The glass sector works hard year-by-year to provide glassmakers with the most recent technological developments, on show at trade events the world over. This year, however, with all shows on hold due to Covid, companies such as CMS Glass Technology are organising their own live events, where clients and ‘visitors’ will not only have the chance to see demos of specific technologies, webinars and live talks, but also interact live with CMS experts.

CMS Glass Technology is a leader in the curved and flat glass machining sector with technologically advanced solutions such as the numerically controlled machining centres, cutting benches and waterjet cutting systems. Thanks to tradition and experience, CMS Glass Technology is, today, an absolute leader in this sector for the creation of innovative solutions aimed at the architectural and interior design world.

Even if 2020 has been and is a difficult year, there has been no lack of innovations or new ideas at CMS. Unfortunately, the main trade fair, glasstec 2020, which would have been the ideal occasion to present the latest technologies to the world, has been postponed until 2021, so CMS will launch these technologies on 12 November at the first edition of the CMS Live Show, entirely dedicated to the world of glass machining.
A unique event that will be entirely streamed live in eight languages and accessible from all over the world thanks to the super-technological platforms that will ensure all those participating can be present in CMS, while remaining comfortably in their own office or home, and take part in an event in which they will have an opportunity to watch demos of specific technologies, webinars and live talks, all dedicated to the world of glass with the possibility of interacting live with CMS experts.
“The event will be a unique experience,” points out CMS Business Unit Manager, Giulio Vitelli, “and one which I firmly believe in. We are working towards creating a format that will completely change the way we communicate. Furthermore, and from a sales point of view, the most important part of the Live Show Glass will be our launch of three new machines: a high performance horizontal machining centre, a revolutionary vertical machine and one with waterjet technology with extremely interesting features. These are products that we had hoped to launch at glasstec, but instead will be presented on this special occasion, simultaneously across the globe. Innovation at CMS is a daily occurrence and I am extremely proud of what we will be presenting. But I shall say no more; you will see for yourselves on 12 November during our CMS Live Show.”

Active HMI interfaces
Between the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, CMS Glass Technology had already been a talking point with some extremely interesting new entries. For example, the new CMS Active HMI interfaces. Designed around the need to make CMS plants usable even by staff who more commonly find themselves working on other production lines, this interface has simplified graphics and can be found on all the machines: the operator will always find him/herself interacting with a simple, intuitive screen that only displays essential information. The graphics are based on the concept of Apps for smart touch devices, with specific icons for each function, split into categories and with the possibility of controlling preferences. The functions are highlighted on the 21.5-inch touch screen, the largest in the glass tool machinery category.

Connect IoT
In order to make production control easier, CMS has introduced the CMS Connect IoT, a system accessible from a pc or smart device that displays, analyses and monitors all the data from the machines connected to the network, in real time. Using the data collected safely in the Cloud, CMS Connect can provide an overview of the machine’s positions both in real time and on a historical basis, check plant productivity to identify any bottlenecks, check programs running in real time and the functioning of the machine and its components (electrospindle, vacuum pump, etc…). Even in the event of faults, the system can instantly signal active alarms, reducing intervention times by staff entrusted with production supervision. All the data gathered becomes significantly important for the decision-making process and for planning any corrective or improvement measures, permitting a significant increase in production and a reduction in machine downtimes. CMS Connect supervises production providing statistics on the production line; all the recorded data can be processed from the specific web interface using filters, to highlight any production gaps and rapidly intervene to resolve these faults.

Remote assistance
The digital possibilities offered by CMS do not extend solely to production. All the machinery is fitted with a free remote assistance programme that allows to communicate directly with CMS technicians in order to be guided remotely when solving any problems. CMS Smart Glasses were recently introduced that allow for demonstrations and machine acceptances to be carried out remotely: a CMS technician wears them and the connected user sees exactly what is happening from the comfort of their home or office.

The new CMS Technology Center was inaugurated in January 2020, a thousand square metre exhibition space where all the machinery from the five CMS departments are on display. A space with a specific team entirely dedicated to it, where companies can take part in demos, training or simply discover the range that interests them.
All that remains now is to wait for 12 November and take part in the CMS Glass Technology Live Show to discover the new, revolutionary technologies!


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