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China Glass 2018 post-show report

This year, China Glass had 865 first-line glass industry manufacturers

The 2018 edition of China Glass finished on 22 April, with 865 first-line glass industry manufacturers, 612 domestic and 253 international manufacturers from 29 countries.

The 29th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (China Glass Exhibition) closed its doors on 22 April at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, and the visit of China Glass Network to Shanghai was also coming to an end.
Although this exhibition lasted for four days in a row, it did not affect the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors in any way. Exhibitors from all over the world showed their skills introducing their new products.
In addition, many international exhibitors at this year’s event changed their previous practice of showing only images, increasing the area of their booths and having equipment for on-site demonstrations, and making full use of the exhibition platform to display their new technologies and products.
This year, China Glass had 865 first-line glass industry manufacturers, including 612 domestic and 253 international manufacturers, from 29 countries, including Germany, Italy, the United States, Britain, France and Belgium.
Moreover, the part of the exhibition dedicated to domestic ionic intermediate film, domestic digital printing ink, bending glass cleaning machines, electrochromic glass, semi-transparent glass and other new products attracted the attention of many visitors.
In addition, on 19 April, the Guangdong Glass New Product Promotion meeting, which was aimed at promoting new technology, new equipment and new materials in the industry and creating a collective brand of Guangdong Glass, was successfully held in the M16 conference room of the E1 Pavilion of Shanghai New International Expo Center. Highlights of this special promotion conference included intelligent factories in the current industry, the introduction of new materials such as ionic intermediate membranes, weatherproof PVB films, and other new materials, new types of double convection homogenization furnaces and multifunctional fire-proof glass production lines, as well as new high-efficiency and energy-saving water jets and other special equipment.
The Guangdong Glass Industry Association also visited China Glass on 20 April.
As a professional media in the glass industry, China Glass Network received and visited each and every new and established customer over the four days of the event, and carried out non-stop live broadcast and news reports.


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