Chang Chun will be at GlassTech Asia

Chang Chun (Singapore) Pte Ltd will be on display at this year’s GlassTech Asia.

Founded in 1949, Chang Chun Group is a leading global chemical manufacturer with an annual turnover of $9 billion in 2014. Its product portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries. In the past few decades, Chang Chun Group has been supplying and distributing products to customers all over the world, enhancing people’s lives.
Winlite® PVB Interlayer
Winlite® is one of the top PVB brands for laminated glazing presented by Chang Chun Group. It is broadly used for architectural and transportation laminated safety glass, which is essential in protecting our daily lives.
With strong backward integration of raw materials and a technical team equipped with extensive knowledge of PVB film and its applications, Chang Chun Group can provide clients with the best glass laminating solutions. With sales teams across the globe, Chang Chun Group is always there for the market and its customers – and is up for the challenge of your glazing needs.
Chang Chun (Singapore) Pte Ltd will be at GlassTech Asia 2016 in Booth 22.
The 14th International Glass Products, Glass Manufacturing, Processing & Materials Exhibition will be held from 24 – 26 November 2016 at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.