CFD modeling is pivotal in Falorni Tech’s glass plant engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling is pivotal in the design of glass melting furnaces

Gabriele Campani, Project Engineer at Falorni Tech, explained why Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) is essential in the design of glass melting furnaces. “We use CFD in glass plant engineering and in the development of new furnace projects, especially when the production of high-quality glass is required in combination with high overall efficiency.

“In the CFD calculation models are used, as input data, geometrical and physical information related to refractories structure and the furnace ancillaries (such as type of burners, boosting, etc.) and are used, as boundary conditions, the nominal operating conditions such as the composition of the glass, the composition of the fuel and the process parameters including the pull rate and the percentage of cullet in the batch.

“The CFD simulation gives accurate predictions and information to important process physical parameters such as temperature and velocity profiles. The analysis of the temperature profiles allows to identify glass temperature in certain strategic points and to evaluate the choice of the refractory materials as well to verify the correct thermal insulation and its suitability to operate at the operating temperatures. Analysis of the flows is carried out both on the glass bath and the upper gaseous part, allowing to evaluate the movement, the glass currents as well as the combustion quality and flames distribution.

“Under CFD, glass quality indexes are calculated and numerically defined such as the minimum residence time of the glass (considering the batch that flows in the fastest path), mixing, and sand dissolution indexes. The results obtained during the design phase, offer us indication both for verification and validation of the sizing of the melting apparatus and for its improvement.”

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