BVA – Bovone Virtual Assistant

Bovone Virtual Assistant is a system for remotely accessing all data, manuals, certificates and technical videos relating to the machine, using a simple IPad device that is supplied with the machine.

This product becomes an ambassador of cutting-edge technology and the degree of innovation that Bovone is able to introduce in its reference sector. BVA is part of the panorama of those solutions designed to facilitate both automation levels and remote interventions as much as possible.

In the glass processing sector, where production set-ups must be constantly calibrated and reviewed, Bovone is at the forefront in countering the critical issues generated by the distance.

This is added to the skills of a highly qualified service team ready to go into direct contact with the machines installed in the world to diagnose, solve and optimize. Thanks to this technology there is a considerable saving in terms of time and human and economic resources. Speed of intervention and efficiency are guaranteed.

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