Bucher Emhart Glass introduces a new lightweight refractory material

Mullite composition material is used for roof blocks, burner blocks, chimney blocks, and other various shapes, while the new EmLite 30 offers construction of refractory covers with 30 percent lower weight compared to conventional cover materials.

Bucher Emhart Glass is now able to provide complete refractory solutions for the forehearths, incl. channel blocks, sub- and superstructure and insulation. The 333 channel blocks are available together with high performance mullite superstructure.
Forehearth components are made with high quality, high purity materials. The workhorse material for forehearths is a mullite composition. This material is used for roof blocks, burner blocks, chimney blocks, and other various shapes. If a particular component requires a more premium composition, an alumina fortified mullite is used. In colorant forehearths or other applications where corrosion is a concern, a zircon mullite material possessing excellent resistance to alkali vapour attack is used. The composition is also used for channel blocks and stirrer covers. Fibreglass forehearths require silica-free composition. For this application a zirconia toughened alumina is offered.
540 – The standard and most popular forehearth design. Two-humped roof block design for distributing heat evenly, keeping glass temperatures consistent throughout the width of the channel.
340 – More automated than the 540 design, with mechanical parts constantly moving the damper blocks back and forth on top of the flue blocks to better regulate air flow and temperature within the forehearth
640 – Designed for smaller length forehearths which need more heat loss in the cooling zones. The smaller hump design on the roof blocks and modified cooling equipment prevent heat from being trapped towards the outside of the channel blocks.
240 – Most often used in narrow width forehearths (i.e. 16, 18 and 26 inch widths). The design offers a flat roof block design where it is not applicable to use Bucher Emhart Glass’ “humped” roof block design.
Bucher Emhart Glass lightweight refractory material – EmLite 30
In order to withstand the heat and rigors of a glass plant, refractory covers must be thick and strong. But what if this could be achieved while also reducing weight? Bucher Emhart Glass is introducing a new material for refractory covers that has all of the robustness of typical refractory materials, while at the same time reducing the weight of the part by 30 percent compared to covers made of a conventional mullite, such as Mix 345. This new material is called EmLite 30, with the designation Mix 310.
The weight reduction in EmLite 30 is achieved by increasing the porosity in the material, but still preserving its strength and resistance to alkali vapour corrosion. This increased porosity also has the effect of reducing the thermal conductivity of the material, giving EmLite 30 an increased insulation value. Improving the insulation value above the spout will help to keep heat inside the spout and reduce the temperature of the covers themselves.
EmLite 30 is available in all front and rear refractory spout covers. The reduced weight eases the stress on the operators during installation. An 80 pound rear cover now weighs 56 pounds, an enormous difference when reaching over a hot spout for installation.
For more information please contact your nearest Bucher Emhart Glass sales office or visit: www.bucheremhartglass.com

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