Bucher Emhart Glass and Novaxion sign partnership agreement

Newly developed FlexRobot integrated into the Machine Blank Panel and connected into FlexIS Control System

Novaxion and Bucher Emhart Glass signed a partnership agreement on the newly developed FlexRobot integrated into the Machine Blank Panel and connected smartly into the FlexIS Control System. The hanging FlexRobot is available as an option for the Bucher Emhart Glass forming machines, and exclusively from Bucher Emhart Glass. The lean machine incorporation is available as a straightforward option for a new machine, or as a field upgrade for an installed machine.

There are multiple benefits for the glass plants:

– Reduced operator interventions resulting in much higher safety levels

– Reduced/eliminated rejects when swabbing moulds

– Precise and consistent swabbing for a better controlled process, increasing the production quality and increasing the mould life with minimal section contamination

– Reduced swab liquid

This results in a return on investment of less than two years. Bucher Emhart Glass in proud partnership with Novaxion now offers this important automation product to the industry.

For more information, contact:
Marlen Debrot
Telephone + 41 41 749 42 00

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