British Glass: update on the ongoing energy and gas crisis

British Glass CEO, Dave Dalton, provides an update on the ongoing energy and gas crisis and its effect on the UK glass industry.

Dave Dalton, CEO of British Glass, said, “We have been in dialogue with the Secretary of State on the ongoing energy crisis and its effect on our industry, expressing our pressing concerns to Mr Kwarteng directly on behalf of our members.

“Because a glass furnace needs to be running continuously due to the high temperatures needed to melt the raw materials and the inability to pause this process without significant cost and damage to the furnace, manufacturers have borne the brunt of the spiralling cost of gas and energy.

“Some businesses have seen their energy bills spiral four and even up to eight-fold meaning an extra burden of millions of pounds a month which simply cannot continue. These costs will inevitably have to be passed on to customers and consumers at a time when the cost of living is already increasing.

“We appreciate the Secretary of State engaging with us on this and look forward to continuing an open dialogue with him in order to establish a more detailed and connected strategy that ensures the impact on glass manufacturers is limited.”