Bovone showcases the new ELB 11/45 Fully Automatic at Vitrum 2021

Featuring automatic wheel wear compensation, quick wheel setup and a wheel change alarm, the ELB 11/45 Fully Automatic represents a new milestone in glass edge processing

Bovone, a market leading producer of high quality glass processing equipment, has arrived at Vitrum 2021 to display their new edge processing machine, the ELB 11/45 Fully Automatic. The new machine offers several features to make the operator’s job easier and to further reduce costs of operation.

The Bovone ELB 11/45 FA edge machine features:

Automatic wheel wear compensation
No more hassle for the operator to manage manually the wheel position to compensate the wear during production. The machine’s spindles are positioned on a motorized track managed by the main software that automatically raises the position of the wheel.

Quick wheel setup
The machine wheel change results easier and faster than ever. The spindle lowers automatically leaving space for the operators to easily change the wheel, then rising up and positioning autonomously in the correct setup position.

Wheel change warning
Changing the wheels at the right time is essential to make the most of the tool and obtain a constant level of finish. A visual and audible alarm on the machine alerts the operator when the grinding wheel needs to be replaced.

Bovone will welcome visitors to their stand at F21-22 and F29-30 in pavilion 24.

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